on (FOREIGN oil Gasoline)

Vote YES on
American energy.
American electric transportation.
 Start with commuter transportation.
(No Foreign oil Gasoline)

 1. Know this:

2. The collective real vote:

3. YOU are the lobbyist.
Use your voting machine (wallet).
How to cast your real vote..
... the rest of this web site explains.
Ya Gotta

YOU Gotta

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  My Humble Opinion...
1.  American ELECTRIC cars
(greater national security)
2.  imported FOREIGN oil.
Dependence. Energy Leverage
(potential future OIL WARS)
The real Pearl Harbor
reasons... oil.  

 YES. The United States drills lot of it's own oil, but make no mistake, we are DEPENDENT On FOREIGN OIL.

1+1= a FOREIGN oil 3

What is the plan?

Get FOREIGN oil, gasoline....

 ...comes with....

oil spills


oil tankers subject to attack


dirty oil refineries using energy


controlled/fixed gasoline prices

have oil? ... send in democracy

oil needs these for protection

oil needs lots of these guys

FOREIGN oil creates insurgents

the risks of FOREIGN oil go up

who really benefits from oil?

the other side of FOREIGN oil 

Past history... .. imported FOREIGN oil?

we have to get off FOREIGN oil
Someday no FOREIGN oil
blah .... blah...

blah .... blah...

Uh oh...
 ..those nations don't realize that they need democracy.. ..(and they just 'happen' to have a crap load of oil). They may have WMD's.. make an excuse... get in there. ..who should attack an oil tanker?
1+1= a FOREIGN oil 3.

Electric cars require no protection...


Do you think that some FOREIGN oil  is being used (depended upon) in the picture above?  So, dependence on FOREIGN oil? FOREIGN oil War? PTSD. IED. ... what is the plan?

 Build and sell more American anti-FOREIGN oil WAR Electric cars... 

  replace... not all cars... start with...
U.S. local commuter transportation...


to and from work and daily drivers...  and create a better environment  and greater national security.

Make no mistake.

"They" the IMPORTED FOREIGN oil guys, do NOT represent YOU.

"They", "them" and your VOTE.


Driving an American ELECTRIC vehicle is the new movement against FOREIGN oil wars, troops in harm's way for the purpose of oil protection and continued weak big oil supported automotive innovation with forced poor MPG choices.

     Our mission is to share and accelerate the information, ideas and favorable positive opinions surrounding ELECTRIC commuter transportation vehicles and help with the nation's transition to sustainable energy and greater national security. The mystery and conversation about ELECTRIC cars: whether you are a "save the planet", "no (FOREIGN) oil" or a "science and data" believer.... getting behind the idea of ELECTRIC commuter transportation is good for your family, your wallet,  national security for our country and provides a greater chance for peace on the planet for all of us.


That trend is again, money over people, fumes in the air,

 "careful", don't step in the oil in the parking spot that will get in the rain water.

Television would pump into your heart and mind and even advertise how the oil companies are "working" to make your life better with additives for gasoline or cleaning the environment while controlling the ENERGY markets. Electric cars and battery ideas were crushed as automobiles in Europe were boasting of 70 ish miles per gallon and here in the States cheerleaders are jumping around the same body style new Ford Fiesta made in Mexico that gets 39 MPG Highway and there are "reasons" to not import those European high MPG models.


How about the REAL costs to rely on FOREIGN oil and keep importing 'ANY' FOREIGN oil?

    Aircraft carriers, jets, bombers, drones, troops, PTSD, IED, insurgents, oil lobbies, oil cronies, .... basically money over a better quality of life for the US people.

     Oh FOREIGN oil and all that goes with volatile, someone, anyone could 'lob' one in and start a war... So called friendly Middle East countries know this, even Israel..  a False Flag event such as bombing an oil tanker might get it going.. maybe a 'friendly' country just to 'keep' the Americans and their military 'in there'... and "they", "them" say "they" do not need Congress permission...  (So, no imported FOREIGN oil, do we really need to be in the Middle East?)   Maybe the U.S. has an economy that starts to dwindle because of high credit, inflation, higher interest rates, auto repossessions are up, gasoline gets scarce or too high per gallon... the term is WAR economy.
*** Using the energy consumed by the 146 U.S. refineries, you could alternatively power 45.6 million homes with electricity for one year (based on DOE 2007 average of 936kWh/household) and you could provide natural gas to heat 10.2 million average homes for the entire year! (year 2010)



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...who REALLY benefits from imported FOREIGN oil?...

 Are you going to produce gasoline at home?
 ....The answer is NO.

 Is there a real possibility to be more independent and to produce automobile energy at home?
 ....The answer is

A better way.
The future.

Vote with real American power... your wallet. Buy a Tesla.
 (...or next best ELECTRIC car)

     Buying one Tesla .... WILL BEGIN TO CHANGE THE CONVERSATION... Hey neighbor, just like our rooftop solar systems.... Do not rely on FOREIGN oil. Let's trade and buy GLOBAL commerce, of course, but have self sufficiency in energy and sell energy  instead of importing it.

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Money where my mouth is..

my solar garage in construction

solar garage panels on  top

be nice to have a Tesla charger

panels install

Oh yeah...

Your wallet at work. Real world example, solar panels.
 Vote with your wallet.

     One month ... electric bill was $430 hard earned American Federal Reserve Notes (Petro Dollars). One month!

Got a permit, built a shop with roof facing south.. put up panels... 40 solar panels total.

New Electric bill this year. THIS TOTAL year. NO BILL.

 Today, take a guess how much a 10 panel system cost? ~** $5,800 bucks.

RE: ECODIRECT.COM  contact: Rene Donaldson

**Quantity 10 LG 335k panels (new & more efficient than mine) with Enphase 290 watt inverters, all racking, mounts blah...blah... and you install the system...  This is at the time ~ prices vary on brand and specs... here are my favorite combos... ** $5,800 bucks. .....and you get a federal 26% rebate on the $5,800.... about $1,508 federal rebate. $4292 total.  ~25 years service.

     Picture just 10 panels installed on your house with the Tesla in the carport. Vote with your wallet. Eventually, very little to no FOREIGN oil for my family... and other families...and other families... all the neighbors are sacrificing and doing it...  now the Tesla's are starting to show up.... result... greater national security through the collective of common sense and voting with your wallet.


Closing comments:

     Feels sort of out of control on your vote today. Super pac's, lobbies, chosen candidates with money, and politicians who don't seem to be listening and certainly do not feel like they represent the people. Look out, the powerful, waking up, vote with your wallet, common sense thinkers who are basing decisions on independent financial conservative ideas while looking at the real science and numbers are gathering.



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The Tesla


I encourage You to visit Tesla Motors.

Tell them... I am voting with my wallet... and "common sense sent you to Tesla".

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